The BREAK option is a game mechanic in Five Nights at Treasure Island. However, it can only be used on night five and onward. This option can be accessed via typing "break" on your keyboard while in game.

Once you type break, a menu like screen will open asking "Are you sure you want to go into BREAK mode?" with the options of "Yes" and "No". If you select "No", then you will proceed with the game as normal and no time will pass.

If you select "Yes" however, then another menu opens up. This time, the menu asks "What would you like to do with BREAK?", the options here are "Snap" and "Surrender".

If you select "Snap", you proceed with the game as normal. However, any jumpscares you get by actual suits do not cause a game over. The time that this lasts can range from not even one hour to the rest of the night.

If you select "Surrender", you cannot pick up the monitor or use your flashlight, but no suits come after you. Instead, the Undying appears in your office, and you get a special game over screen.