William Mage is a human character in Five Nights at Treasure Island. He is one of the two phone people who talk to the player during the nights.

He is only responsible for the night one and night three phone calls, as it's revealed by Sally that he went missing during the day and his body was found before the dayshift ended.

Dialogue/ Phone CallsEdit

Night One

Hello...hello? A-Alex, is it? H-hey buddy, it's Will- er, William. Uh, I called because I heard you were the lucky one who got to take the nightshift. Anyway, let me introduce the island. My name is obviously William, and uh, my "co-worker" is Sally- she may talk to you as the nights progress, but as of now you have to listen to this guy, eh?

So, I know you may think we know nothing about the nightshift. But actually, me and Sally both worked the nightshift the week before you started. And we both have to say that there's some...precautions we think you should take.

First things first, the building you're in. While the island itself is being inspected, you are currently sitting in the building called the Prep Building- it's employees only too. But, there seems to be reasons behind that.

So uh...did I mention that photo negative suit..? No..? Okay, uh, basically uh...he tends to...wander around at night. But don't sweat it, you'll be fine! Just out for it, okay? And uh, if you see it, just...go to your reboot panel or flash your light at it. I'm not sure which one works, I think the panel will be a better bet though.

Alright, relax Alex, it's only the first night. You'll do fine, it'll hopefully be a breeze. Okay, talk to you tomorrow, goodnight.

— William Mage's Night One call.

Night Three

Hello hello! Yes, it's Will again. So, as Sally stated yesterday there were some things I left out. Well uh, tonight you'll be dealing with alot more.

First thing's first...Donald. He moved around last night, correct? Well, tonight I think he'll head to your office. However, he's...not like the others. Once he's in your office, you can't get rid of him. However, since he's just a head, the only way for him to move around is by another suit carrying him.

So, basically, if you see another suit carrying Donald, and that suit enters the office. Do what you normally do to fight off the suits okay? Because most likely they're probably hiding Donald behind their back or something...freaking duck. I never liked him y'know? Always seemed creepy to me.

What else was there? Oh! Uh, what's his...oh, oh! I almost forgot, one of Walt's oldest audio-animatroncis are in here, in this building! Dude, these things are like prehistoric! You don't see one of those things everyday, it's always the new and improved ones! But...I do warn you, the thing looks pretty beat up, almost as if there's blood on its' mouth too. So, if you see it tonight, be careful, okay? Alright, I'll talk to you tomorrow, good night and be safe.

— William Mage's Night Three call.